Tiny Mountains Winterland Dark films 18+

Saturday July 6th 8pm
Noosa Hinterlands Brewing Co. Cooran
A collaboration with Noosa Hinterland Brewing company.
In conjunction with Noosa Hinterland Brewing Co. Winterland Dark minifest 2024.
Tiny Mountains are screening Dark films 18+ for the event
Noosa Hinterlands Brewing Co. Cooran
Tiny Mountains Animation Extravaganza
On the 29th June 2 Sessions will be htaking place for the Tiny Mountains Animations Extravaganza .
A handpicked selection of short Animation films from around the globe.
Join us at the Cooran Memorial School of the Arts in the quaint hinterlands village of Cooran.
At Tiny mountains we strive on creating events that are so unique you'll leave wanting more.
Seniors day is a collaboration between Team Tiny Mountains and the Noosa Shire,
It takes place this year at the Cooran Memorial School of Arts.
Seniors day assists seniors in navigating your way to developing a better you as life does what it does.
A great place to meet community and find what's on in the Sunshine Coast.
The day winds down with a few hand picked Tiny Mountains films that will leave you feeling happy to have taken the opportunity to join the day out.
Christmess the film tiny mountains screening Sunshine Coast
A Very Tiny Mountains Christmas is taking place at the Cooran Hall, on the 9th December.
We have the honor to be screening local Aussie film 'Christmess'

A feel good Christmas comedy for the whole family, about a fresh out of rehab, washed up actor, Chris Flint (Steve Le Marquand),who takes a job as a suburban strip mall Santa Claus where he encounters his long estranged daughter. With the support of his caring sponsor, Nick (Darren Gilshenan), and a young, sharp tongued, musician in recovery named Joy (Hannah Joy of ARIA winners Middle Kids), Chris sets about staying sober in order to win his daughter's forgiveness for Christmas.

Tiny Mountains Short Film Festival 2023
A shirt film festival with the best short films from Australia
On the Saturday 28th of October 2023, Tiny Mountains Short Film Festival, in the scenic Sunshine Coast hinterlands town of Cooran, arrived. It's goal is to connect people with the makers. The films you will see here, will make you chuckle, grip your seat, intrigue you, and maybe even make you shed a tear.. Next years film theme is Change and Growth.
  • Annalise

    A short mystery/drama film Aaron Lenden that focuses on relationship dynamics.
  • The Stripper trade-off

    A stripper and a tradie walk into a club, going about their businesses... They just go to the wrong clients. Hilarity ensues.
  • Ageless

    Three women must redefine themselves after an event changes the course of their lives. Ageless is an intimate look into life beyond 50 that tackles some of women’s biggest fears around ageing today.
  • The Gorge

    A grieving woman and her friends must survive a night in the woods when an unseen force begins to hunt them. But not is all as it seems..
  • Woorai Trail 5
    A mystery short film by Danielle Tomlinson, an unseen creature stalks a hiker as she searches for mysterious rock formations in the wilderness.
  • Cliffs edge
    A abseiler repels down a cliff only to find what he was warned about, happens.
    How does it feel going through mental health issues from the person themselves.
  • Min Min
    Footage is found of mysterious footage of a floating orb that has come to be known as the Min Min.
  • Was very impressed with short film night ..
    Hoping you can turn into a regular event as the locals, going on crowd numbers, are very keen
    Keep up the great work

    Karyn and Steve...
    Locals and Tiny Mountaineers
  • The community would love more short or long form movies and events other events from Tiny Mountains
    Local and Tiny Mountaineer
  • I was very satisfied with the event. the Diversity of films was amazing!
    Local and TinyMountaineer
  • Amazing films and great event that we've been looking forward to for a long time
    Local artist
Tiny mountains audience
Tiny mountains popcorn machine
Tiny Mountains audience and sponsors
In 2024 Tiny Mountains are accepting international films

Tiny Mountains international Film Festival proudly accepts entries on FilmFreeway.