Tiny Mountains mission statement

"To champion creativity and cultural diversity in the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands, our bespoke film events company is dedicated to empowering creators—film makers, musicians, and actors—to present their works amidst the picturesque villages of Queensland. Through meticulously crafted events that integrate film, music, and theatre, we aim to foster local talent and showcase the artistic expressions of international artists, curated with precision by our team. Our mission is to attract a global audience, including travelers and tourists, by offering unique cultural experiences that highlight the charm and creativity of our region. By doing so, we strive to position the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands as a renowned destination for immersive, world-class film events that enrich both participants and audiences alike."
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We acknowledge the land's original custodians, the Kabi Kabi and Jinibara people, who have lived here for tens of thousands of years.

They have left their mark on this land, in the form of sacred sites and stories that connect us to the Dreamtime.

"The land is our mother, and we are her children." – Kabi Kabi Proverb

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